Understanding the Administrative Professional


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Understanding the Administrative Professional
  1. You are to work independently and research the administrative professional’s role. You will be introduced to online research techniques and an appreciation of understanding the scope of this profession.
  2. Guiding Elements for your Research Report


  1. Identify three online systems that you will use for this research project, i.e. LinkedIn, Monster, etc.
  2. List three professional administrative positions posted on each site. Ensure all three positions clearly indicate your understanding of an administrative assistance role in the workplace.
  3. List minimum 3 reasons why you chose those postings.
  4. List three characteristics that you feel are strong features for these positions and explain how as an employee, you will benefit from them.
  5. List three characteristics that you feel will be challenges for these positions and list how you can learn from them. Explain how you would either change or adapt to the challenges.
  6. List your top three skills you feel are essential for an administrative professional role.
  7. Explain what you have learned, how will this assist you in your future career(s) and how this will shape your understanding of the Administrative Professional role.


  1. Requirements of the Report:
  • The Report must contain an opening paragraph which will describe your assignment
  • The Report must be clearly organized, well structured and free of spelling mistakes
  • All questions as outlined above are asked and clear answers are provided
  • A closing paragraph with a personal reflection / analysis must be included stating what you have learned during this process and how this will benefit you in your future career
  1. Formatting and Analysis:
  • 12 pt font in Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial
  • Font is double spaced with 1” margins
  • You must include the questions in your report, in order and the answers to each in order
  • A cover page must be included in your report that identifies your name, student number, class number, the assignment name, your professor’s name and the due date
  1. Submission
  • Submit your final report on the due date in class to your professor in hard copy
  • Submit your final report in the SLATE dropbox on the due date and time
  • Attach the rubric document provided in class to the back of your report