Reflection report




East Asian Business

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Reflection report

Reflection report

EAS6212 Work and Organisation in East Asia
EAS6226~EAS6227 Business and Economy of Japan
EAS680 The Political Economy of China

MGT670 International Human Resource Studies
EAS6202 International Business and East Asia
EAS403 Law and Business in China
EAS6204 Chinese Cities in Transition

Please answer the following interrelated questions in a 3,000 word reflective
1) How has the knowledge you gained on East Asia over the course of the last

2) Using the MySkills online tool, select the three most importa
two semesters changed your view on International Business in East Asia)?
In answering this
question, please use examples from the modules you took across your
degree to illustrate your change in thinking.

nt skills that you

3) Taking the knowledge and skills you have
have developed throughout your degree programme. How do these skills
foster your ability to research “International Business” in East Asia?

developed on your degree overall,
and using specific examples of both, how have these helped you in the next
step of your development (employment, further study, etc.)?