UBGMF9-15-M – Sustainable Development: Principles and Practice


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Sustainable Development

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UBGMF9-15-M - Sustainable Development : Principles and Practice

UBGMF9-15-M - Sustainable Development: Principles and Practice

Your task is to source a minimum of ten academic articles linked to your chosen action (from the above options)
and to provide a report which critically analyses this action in light of the United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs). You may use other material to inform your discussion but the task is primarily to analyse academic
You may wish to introduce models or frameworks on sustainable development in order to structure your
discussion but do not let this become a distraction to the main task of reviewing literature. Similarly, you may wish
to consider indicators and metrics which are needed to monitor progress in achieving sustainable development but
again, keep such discussion as supplementary to your literature review.
You will end your report by identifying whether or not your chosen action is well-aligned to the ambitions of the
SDGs. You must then identify three recommendations for ensuring that the action supports sustainable
development. Your preceding discussion should lead naturally into your conclusions (that is to say that there
should be no new ideas presented in your conclusions). You may wish to consider recommendations linked to
different stakeholders, contexts, locations or time points. This is likely to be the section where you have greatest
opportunity to demonstrate creativity and innovation. You should use theoretical ideas and evidence to justify your
Remember to keep your discussion relevant to the context of your chosen action (either individual behaviour or
sustainable urban development) and to your audience/client (local council). You will need to be clear about whose
behaviour you are discussing throughout your report.
You are not expected to collect any primary data for this assessment.