The role of dietary supplement reviews on customer satisfaction on Amazon (US).





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The role of dietary supplement reviews on customer satisfaction on Amazon (US).

The research question is a concise one-liner that ends with a question mark. Answering
the research question (RQ) should contribute to the solution of the earlier formulated
problem area, but it is not necessary that the RQ solves the problem in full.
Formulate only ONE (main) research question (MRQ). Avoid the word ‘and’ in your
question as it makes it two questions. Questions can be formulated as open questions
or closed questions. In social sciences it is often recommendable to formulate research
questions as open questions.
Your MRQ should not contain more than three variables, as more would make the
question too complex to answer. If you plan to perform a case study research, do NOT
include the name of the case organization in the MRQ.
It can add value to formulate sub research questions (SRQs), but make sure that these
are questions that address parts of the MRQ and not different questions or alternative
formulations of the MRQ. Do not formulate more than 4 SRQa. Sub research questions
should be relevant and related to the main research question, logically structured,
aimed to resolve the research problem statement and formulated within the main
research context.

You must provide the variables from the discipline(s) involved or other
variables which are key to finding the answers to the research questions.
You are expected to use (existing) conceptual frameworks (models) to
clarify what do you wish to investigate and explain.
Check list points:
 MRQ is clearly recognizable, formulated as a question and in about 10-15 words.
 MRQ aligns with the identified Problem statement and the first line of the
Purpose Statement.
For Quantitative research: MRQ includes clear independent/predictor and
dependent/criterion variables as discussed in the literature review.