The impact of Mercedes Benz electric vehicles on the Future of the automotive industry


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Extended Research

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The impact of Mercedes Benz electric vehicles on the Future of the automotive industry

Assignment Task
Using the approved research topic from your research proposal, critically write a Literature
Review Chapter for your Extended Research Project of no more than 900 words.
Use only academically recommended sources for the literature, highlighting the key
researchers in your research area. The recommended number of references is at least 15
Upload your essay on Turnitin, Learn Ultra no later than Monday 17th April 2023 by 5 pm
UK time
Learning Outcomes being assessed include:
Knowledge and Understanding
1. Display detailed knowledge of their chosen research subject area with reference to
leading scholars in the field.
2. Display awareness of the limitations of the field of study and its application in the
empirical world.
Subject-specific Skills
3. Apply understanding of concepts and models to a critically evaluative approach.
4. Analyse relevant journal articles to the research study being undertaken.
5. Apply relevant data and materials to a research study.

Structure and format of the project
The format of this assessment is in a formal essay style. In the literature review, you
will be assessed on the following:
❖ choice of relevant literature to your topic
❖ a critical evaluation of the literature reviewed
❖ a logical structure if followed
❖ a clear evaluation and justification of a research gap in the field of your topic
❖ discussion of key developments in the topic


❖ writing skills such as grammar, spellings, correct use of punctuation marks
and quality of your written communication are essential.
❖ In-text citations is a must and use appropriately the recommended Harvard
Referencing Style (author-date system). You can visit Cite Them Right

❖ A reference list using the recommended Harvard Referencing Format (author-
date system). You can visit Cite Them Right Online.

❖ You need a minimum of 10 references
❖ Observe word limit, maximum number of words is 900
❖ Use the Assignment Front Cover Page (this can be found on Learning
Ultra – under ‘Assessment’).
❖ No names on the Assignment Front Cover Page, when uploading the
assessment on turn it in, are required only your student number starting with
a 2…
❖ The work should be word-processed, this means no handwritten work.
Some more guidance
❖ The font to use is Arial or Calibri or Times New Roman.
❖ Font size is 12
❖ Line spacing is 1.5.
❖ Alignment is Justify
❖ It’s essential to bring some questions on this assessment to your 1 to 1
meeting during the agreed time with your supervisor. Supervisors can guide
on accessing appropriate materials, using appropriate models and concepts,
critical analysis and the extent to which the student is achieving their
objectives. The 1 to 1 meeting will enable the students to get feedback and
advice from their supervisor.

Assessment criteria


Below is the Rubric format of the assessment marking criteria. You can view the
Generic and the specific Research Literature Review mark schemes on LEARN
ULTRA – under ‘Formative Assessments’