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This task requires students to critically review key issues presented in Modules 1 to 3.
You will use the three set questions, including scenarios, to write three critical responses that
address the task criteria.
As an early childhood teacher, you will be required to identify and respond to issues that impact
upon the early childhood education and care stakeholders, and profession.
Task Instructions
Drawing on a range of relevant literature, write a 650-word response to the three questions
Question 1:
Read through the very recent data outlined in the ACECQA snapshots for 2022. From this data,
identify one (1) issue that relates to the quality of early childhood education and care.

a) Briefly outline the issue you have identified
b) Use the TCCY framework and literature to outline why this is an issue for early

Question 2:
Scenario: You are at a party, and you are chatting to someone you don’t know very well. She asks
you what you do, and you say you are studying a university course to work in early childhood. She
responds by saying: “Don’t mean to be rude but why would you need to study at university to look
after children?”
Drawing on literature:

c) Explain why comments such as this may be prevalent issue within the Australian
d) Outline how would you respond to this statement.

Question 3:


Assessment Brief
Scenario: You have a same-sex family, Adele and Kim in your centre who have a 4-year-old, Thomas,
and a 1-year-old Lillian. Adele comes to you to state that their four-year-old had come home crying
that another child, Rex, had told Thomas that you cannot have two mothers because his mother
(Rex’s) had said so.
Drawing on literature:
a) Explain why this is an issue that needs to be addressed by you as an early childhood
b) Outline how you would respond to Adele immediately to address this issue
c) Explain how you would follow up to address this issue within your service
Additional Information
1. Include a cover page that contains:
• The title of the task in bold
• Your name (as author),
• Your faculty (Faculty of Education)
• The unit code and name (TCHR3001 Early Childhood Matters)
• Your unit assessor’s name (Kelly Simpson)
• The due date
2. Include a title or the question at the start of each response.
3. Include one reference list for all responses on a new page at the end of your task.
4. Double line space your writing and your reference list.
• Academic Integrity – SCU Guidelines
• SCU Student Learning Zone – workshops, Quick Guides, student appointments
Referencing Style
Your responses should be proofread and edited so that:
• They are free from spelling and grammar errors
• All formatting is according to APA 7th guidelines – see the SCU LibGuide Formatting for APA 7
APA 7 formatting and referencing are required in Faculty of Education assessments.
Task Submission
The due date for this assessment is Week 3: Friday 24th of March by 11:59pm
• Submission of your critical review is in WORD format via TURNITIN. DO NOT upload a PDF.
• Label the Word file with your SURNAME and the ASSESSMENT NUMBER, e.g.,
• You are strongly advised to undertake your own SIMILARITY CHECK via Turnitin, PRIOR to
the due date, to identify and resolve any academic integrity issues prior to submitting – see
SCU Academic Integrity and Turnitin. You can submit up to three times and receive the
similarity match report immediately – after three attempts, you will need to wait 24 hours.
• The submission link can be found in the Assessment Tasks and Submission tab in the
TCHR3001 Blackboard site. This will not be visible until after Assessment 1 has been
• It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have submitted the correct file and the FINAL
version of your assessment for marking BEFORE the due date/time.


Assessment Brief
• Turnitin does not generate an automatic email receipt. If you have successfully uploaded
your assessment, a green bar will appear at the top of the screen that says: Submission
uploaded successfully: Download digital receipt. Use the hyperlink to download your digital
receipt and store this with your assignment file.
• If you have any difficulty submitting your assignment, please contact Technology Services
and make sure that you log a job with them, so you have evidence of your attempted
submission. To avoid any last-minute problems, make sure you submit well before 11:59pm
on the due date.
Special Consideration
Students wishing to request special consideration to extend the due date of an assessment task must submit a
Request for Special Consideration form via their MyEnrolment page as early as possible and prior to the
original due date for that assessment task, along with any accompanying documents, such as medical
certificates. To apply, see – SCU Special Consideration
Late Submissions & Penalties
Except when special consideration is awarded, late submission of assessment tasks will lead
automatically to the imposition of a penalty. Penalties will be incurred as soon as the deadline is
• a penalty of 5% of the available marks will be deducted from the actual mark at one
minute after the time listed in the due date
• a further penalty of 5% of the available mark will be deducted from the actual mark
achieved on each subsequent calendar day until the mark reaches zero.”

Academic Integrity
At Southern Cross University academic integrity means behaving with the values of honesty, fairness,
trustworthiness, courage, responsibility and respect in relation to academic work.
The Southern Cross University Academic Integrity Framework aims to develop a holistic, systematic and
consistent approach to addressing academic integrity across the entire University. For more information see
the SCU Academic Integrity Framework
NOTE: Academic Integrity breaches include: poor referencing, not identifying direct quotations correctly,
close paraphrasing, plagiarism, recycling, misrepresentation, collusion, cheating, contract cheating, fabricating
You are not permitted to use any text generating software, including generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)
such as chatbots, to complete this assignment.
Grades & Feedback
Assignments that have been submitted by the due date will receive an SCU grade, an originality report and
written feedback. Grades and feedback will be posted to “Grades & Feedback” section on the Blackboard unit
site. Please allow 7-working days for marks to be posted.
Assessment Criteria
See the marking rubric for the marking criteria and grading standards.