TCHR2003: Curriculum Studies in Early Childhood Education


Southern Cross University



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Curriculum Studies in Early Childhood Education

Submission: Via the Turnitin link on the Assessment and Submission section on the unit site.
Write a critical response to the following three points to demonstrate a good working knowledge of
EC curriculum framework.
1. Define what curriculum is in early childhood education? Provide a rationale for your statement
using unit content reference support.
2. Discuss how children learn the curriculum by playing in early childhood education? Justify using
theoretical, NQS and EYLF references. Provide examples to support your points.
3. Observe the teacher and children’s interactions and activity on the video on the Blackboard site.
a) Identify what EYLF Learning Outcomes the children are learning (AGDE, 2022)? Describe
examples of what you see that demonstrates the Learning Outcomes?
b) Discuss the EYLF Practices and Principles, & NQS Quality Areas the educator is using to
promote children’s learning?
c) What 3 Learning Areas (Australian Curriculum) could this experience be covering? Give at
least one example of what you see to support each of your chosen Areas?

As an Early Childhood educator, it is important that you have a good working knowledge of
Early Childhood curriculum framework and be able to justify how educators use play to plan
and implement curriculum for children in early childhood settings.