SM4023 : Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship




Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship

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SM4023 : Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship

PART A The first component requires a short review of contemporary entrepreneurship in action:
‘Drawing from a contemporary issue from the economic/business news media (within the
last 6 months), explain why you consider this to be an example of entrepreneurship and
evaluate the success of the entrepreneur(s) within their operating context’

PART B A 2,500-word critical paper based on analysis of a chosen context in which entrepreneurship
occurs, drawn from the taught sessions of the module (80%). The title for this is: “Critically
evaluate the distinctive features of entrepreneurship in relation to a particular social,
spatial or cultural context in which in occurs.”


Assessment Brief

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You might compare your chosen context with others cover in the module or with mainstream
entrepreneurship theory from the core textbooks and your wider reading. You should address the
factors that make this context different and the extent to which entrepreneurs behave differently or
require different skills/attributes to succeed in that context.
▪ In your introduction you should define the selected context and outline briefly why it was chosen.
▪ In the main body of the essay, you should refer to your diagram to help you to assess the social,
cultural, economic and/or environmental factors pertaining to that context which shape the
behaviour, performance and characteristics of entrepreneurs operating there.
▪ Answers should critically analyse the appropriateness of different entrepreneurship theories as well as
context-specific literature and real-world examples to demonstrate your understanding.
▪ Marks will be awarded according to the criteria in the table at the end of this document.