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You are to prepare a 2000- word essay to answer the following question:

It is believed that different national and organisational cultures have the potential to
affect the merging or acquisition of companies from different countries (Browaeys
and Price 2015).
Your task is to review the academic literature on cross cultural management
and consider how it can be used to devise strategies for merging or
acquisition of companies from different countries with different cultural

Evaluation criteria for the essay
The assignment will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria outlined below.
• The essay is to be based on a critical review of the literature. The
following concepts need to be considered (although not all need
necessarily to be reviewed in the essay):
– cross cultural management, institutions & culture, strategy,
organizational culture, joint ventures, communication and negotiation,
and at least one cultural framework (e.g. Hofstede’s, Trompenaars, Hall
& Hall, Schein’s)

• 3 to 5 examples should be provided from academic and practitioner
sources to substantiate your arguments.

• All concepts and terms used in the work should be clearly and correctly
• Reasons and arguments should be provided to support the
conclusion drawn. Where applicable, appropriate empirical
evidence should be presented.

• Links between key factors from the literature and the arguments
of the essay must be critically evaluated to ensure that they are
relevant, robust and valid in the context being used.

The Essay Structure:
1. Introduction: The introduction should set a clear direction and describe the
structure of the essay.
2. Main text: This section should provide a critical analysis of the essay and
provide the following:
• An in-depth discussion of the key issues related to the topics
• Cogent arguments on how the key points from the literature can be
used, supported by examples and empirical evidence
• A clear logical flow
3. Conclusion: Summarise the main arguments in the essay
4. Recommendations
5. Reference list


Marking Guidelines
The CCM individual assignment is marked using the weightings listed below:

Assignment Subsections Grades
1 Introduction & Conclusion 10

2 Knowledge and Understanding 20
3 Research & Enquiry 20
4 Analysis and Evaluation 20
5 Use of Examples 20
6 Presentation & structure, complete & accurate reference list. 10