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MSc in Project Management,

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School of Architecture and Built Environment

1 Introduction

(This is theintroduction of thechapter- not the research)

1.1 Background of study

This is theintroductiontoyour research and its history.

1.1.1 Problem Statement

What is the problem? How can that be solved? Need references, critical analysis and establish your findings to draw aim and objectives.

1.2 Aim and objectives

1.2.1 Aim

Write your research aim here. Should be focused, should have only one aim.

1.2.2 Objectives

All objectives start with ‘To’ – should not be more than 4 to 5 objectives.

The first objective is mostly- To review the literature- this is a beginning point of most social research

Middle objectives are mostly- to reach the aim of research and the steps to fulfill the final objective

Final Objective is mostly- To conclude/develop framework/recommend/ etc.

>1.3 Research Questions

Your research questions mostly come from objectives- you can convert your objectives in questions. See presentation slides for examples.

1.4 Research Scope

What is your research scope (refer workshop slides)

1.5 Originality

How your research is original and unique- explain

1.6 Limitations

In which ways your research is limited- explain