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Sales Pitch Presentations


The purpose of this presentation is to allows students the opportunity to consolidate and showcase the learning from this course. The assignment is designed to encourage you to think critically, solve challenging problems and develop skill sets discussed in class. You will be graded on your presentation style and the sales pitch.





  • Identifythenecessaryinformationforpreparationofasales
  • Developacustomervalueproposition
  • Linkbuyingmotivestosupportedproduct
  • Thinkandrespondtosalesobjections
  • Usetheappropriateclosingtechniqueforthesituation



Presentation Time: Maximum 15 minutes to deliver your presentation, followed by Q&A from instructors.

Appearance:You should be dressed appropriately for your presentation. Your dress and personal appearance is an important part of the presentation. It will show preparedness to enter the working world and is a part of the scoring rubric.

Presentation Skills/Speaking Skills:

Speak clearly and at an appropriate pace. Make eye contact with your audience. Stand straight and show your confidence and passion. Remember your POWER POSE. Your group must be prepared to engage in the selling dialogue by using the concepts we discussed in class.


Review (Week 5) Why Sales Presentations Fail. Ensure you avoid all stated causes.


Each group will be assigned one presentation from the below mentioned options, pls note students cannot choose the presentation on their own. The entire duration of the presentation needs to be 15 minutes.


Individual group topic will be as below:

Group 1:Home mortgage presentation to a potential prospect (husband and wife), you represent TD bank (this is your third meeting)

Group 2:Presentation to Walmart panel, you are a milk producer, and you want Walmart Canada to sell your milk in their outlets in Ontario.

Group 3:Presentation on an auto insurance (car insurance) to a prospect who is price conscious, you may represent RBC Auto Insurance

Group 4:Presentation to a well-known restaurant (you may consider McDonalds, Subways, or any other well-known restaurant) for selling raw material such as potatoes, tomatoes, and other veggies

Group 5:Presentation to a university purchase department regarding selling 500 laptops (Windows OS), you may represent Dell, Lenovo, HP

Group 6:Presentation to a customer who is looking to buy a tractor for his farming activities, you mayrepresent John Deere

Group 7:Presentation to Toyota purchase department to sell them tires for their Corolla 2023 model range, you may represent Goodyear, Michelin

Group 8:Presentation to a Government team (suppose representative of Govt of Ontario) for the sale ofall-in-one machine, that is printer, scanner, and copier. You may represent Xerox or Cannon.

Group 9: Presentation to a beauty salon for the sale of skincare products, make up and hair care products.

Group 10: Presentation to a hotel to sell them towels, bed sheets, pillows, and every other necessary product.


What you need to include is:


  1. Before you start your Sales Pitch clarify to the class what presentation style you would be following. (Week 5)
  2. Introduce your group members and the role of each group member in the presentation.
  3. Finally introduce your product and company.


Main Presentation – This is where the role play presentation starts.

  • Understand your customers’ needs using the SPIN selling methodology(Week 6)
  • At some point in your presentation explain your Customer-Value Proposition. (Week 5)
  • You must ASK for the order at some point in the presentation.


Conclusion: Refer to (week 6 presentation)

  • Close the presentation with Gaining Commitment.
  • Use a Customer-Oriented Approach for your close.
  • Pick one type of Customer objection.
  • The LAER Model for responding to customer objections.

Formatting and Submission Information

  • No submission is required. Role play presentation will take place in class.

Tips for a Successful Assignment


  • Ensure that you are clear about the instructions and expectations for the assignment.
  • Ensure you understand the concepts focused by the assignment (and provided in the course materials).
  • Before you start composing your assignment, you may want to prepare an outline mapping out all the information you collected and how it fits in the assignment topics (and structure) you must cover.

Pacing the work

  • Estimate how much time you plan to allocate planning, drafting, and revising your assignment.
  • In the planning phase, you may want to have a time interval between collecting and using information. This will ensure you will not rush in using information that may not be useful or using it solely due to time constraints as opposed to the worth of its content.

Formative feedback before submission

  • Please discuss with your instructor the option to submit your assignment in draft for formative feedback before final submission for marking. Drafts must be ready for discussion/feedback in Week 13 class.

You may be nervous about speaking in front of an audience;
but remember that you are the expert and have invested a significant amount of

time and energy into this project.
This a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself!