SA5622 – Anthropology & global health


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Anthropology & global health

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Write a 2,000-2,500 word essay in response to ONE of the following questions. Use ethnographic examples to illustrate your answer.
1) Medical anthropologists have a moral duty ‘to move beyond the academy and to propose practical interventions that have immediate consequences’
(Quesada, Hart & Bourgois 2011). Do you agree?
2) Critically evaluate the argument that epidemics are socio-culturally constituted.
3) How might the Covid-19 pandemic shape the study of human social life?
4) ‘Health education for immigrant populations is key to improving immigrant health.’ Discuss.
5) How appropriate is it for the WHO and other organisations to refer to ‘female circumcision’ as ‘female genital mutilation’ to promote an end to this practice?