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Revitalizing a Colombian Tea Brand | Harvard Business Publishing Education

You have been asked to follow on from Assignment 1 and produce a report around brand management strategies for Hindú.
Your report should have approximately 3,500 words (+/- 10%, excluding the list of references) and must address the following
1. Analyse Hindú’s brand expansion strategy and assess Hindú’s brand repositioning strategy.
2. What are Hindú’s potential growth scenarios? Analyse the pros and cons of each scenario. What impact would each
scenario have on Hindú’s brand identity?
3. Analyse Hindú’s brand strategy as it relates to social media.
Assignment Detail
1. The theory:
Use one or more theories to support your standpoint. The theories used should be applied to practical situations.
2. The structure:
Flexible. You can describe the theory you intend to use to support your standpoint, and then use practical situations to reinforce
your work. There is no fixed order to structure this assignment.
3. The link between theory and practice:
Remember to relate the two together sufficiently! You need to relate the theory to evidence in your assessment. The evidence
needs to be specific. Don’t use generalised and anecdotal evidence.
4. Literature use:
Use academic source, i.e. books, journal articles etc. Refer to respected industry sources; DO NOT overuse the Internet, and
DO NOT use and/or quote from Wikipedia.
You are required to use proper in-text reference and the reference list at the end using the Harvard Referencing System.
5. The writing:
Try to approach this test in a logical and systematic way. Make sure you have a logical structure, a convincing argument, clear
description of the situations which ‘set the scene’, and clear explanation which relate to theories, and a conclusion that draws
your argument together.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass Assessment 2 you will need to:
• Research the relevant literature in order to comprehensively analyse sources of brand equity.
• Develop an initial critical perspective of both theories and practices within brand management.
• Critically evaluate the brand in terms of performance and as a strategic asset.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
We will be filling this section in together in class on Click or tap to enter a date. make sure you have downloaded/printed out the
Assignment Brief and bring it to the session with you.
How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The unit focuses on the analysis of competitive marketing and brand management strategies at national and international levels.
Current Research and Thinking: As it is expected from Master’s level students, you will be guided through the latest
developments of the literature and you will learn to think as researchers yourself. Developing this way of thought will equip you
with a number of skills which will prove very useful during the rest of your studies but most importantly when you enter the

The unit will equip you with knowledge related to ethical, legal and cultural issues and their development in different social and
technological contexts. You will familiarise yourself with different ethical and legal standards applied in the industry.