Research on contemporary marketing strategies in a complex


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Marketing and Business Environment

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Research on contemporary marketing strategies in a complex international business environment.

Choose a Western Country or any other country that actively engages in international trade
with Russia.
While the focus of your analysis should be on the Past, Present and Future of International
trades with Russia and the country of choice, you should specifically look at the implications
of the Russian-Ukraine Crisis on the International Trade Between Russia and your country of
choice. Also, connect with the learning outcomes (LO1, LO2, LO3) of the module and the
discussions in class. Please be guided and use the principles and theories such as:

• The Business Environment
• The 7 Ps of Marketing Principles
• Marketing Management Principles
• Marketing Management Philosophies
• The Perceived Challenges in Global Marketing
• Requirements for Success
• Thoughts on the Future etc.
✓ Choose a product of interest if you so desire. (LO1)
✓ Support your analysis with the past and current literature or publications (e.g.,
Global Economic Outlook 2022) on Marketing, international trade, Impact of
Wars, Russian-Ukraine Crises etc. (LO3)
✓ Support your work with relevant data or references. (LO2)