PSY 1003 : Concurrent Disorders


Cambrian College


Addictions and Mental Health

Module Code

PSY 1003
PSY 1003 : Concurrent Disorders

Assignment : Essay – Stigma

1 – Students will write on methods to reduce stigma with respect to those suffering from
mental illness, addiction, and/or a concurrent disorder.
Marking Scheme – Rubric
1 – Within the assignment dropbox (in Moodle, under the module, “Assignment

Outlines”), you will find the rubric for the essay. Please read very carefully and check-
off that you have the requirements before submission.

Introduction: Content
1 – To cover learning objective 2.2, please be sure to mention common attitudes, beliefs
and values people may have about individuals living with mental illness and/or addiction.
2 – To cover learning objective 2.3, please summarize the impact stigma and
discrimination have on help-seeking behaviour. Recommendation: give three covert (for
example, non-verbal exchanges like eye rolling) and three overt (for example, violence)
examples of stigma.
Introduction: Thesis Statement
1 – The last line of your introduction could read:
“Three strategies to reduce stigma include X, Y, and Z”
2 – Additional tips on the introduction, body paragraph structure, length and APA
formatting will be emailed out as we get closer to the due date.