Project plan of “Predictors for students’ satisfaction in groupwork”


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Project plan of “Predictors for students’ satisfaction in groupwork”

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Project plan of “Predictors for students’ satisfaction in groupwork”

Project Aim:

The aim of this project is to identify and analyse the predictors that contribute to students’ satisfaction in group work. By investigating various factors and their impact on students’ satisfaction levels, the project aims to provide insights and recommendations to improve the pedagogical approaches and inform the course design for future BAC intakes.

LiteratureReview: (Week 3-4)


  1. Factors influencing individuals’ satisfaction in groupwork.
  2. Indicators which are quantified measures of factors influencing satisfaction.

Questionnaire development: (Week 5)

  1. Research method we are going to use is surveys to collect data.
  2. Research approach is quantitative approach.
  3. Design a survey questionnaire.
  4. Ensuring that research adheres to ethical guidelines and obtain necessary approval from ethics committees.

Supervisor Meeting: 10th July 10, 2023

Client meeting to discuss data collection methods: 17th July 10, 2023

           Data Collection: (Week 6-7)

Administer survey questionnaire to a

Data Analysis: (Week 8)

Analyze survey data using statistical software SPSS.

Modelling method we are using regression analysis.

Joint comparison of two regression models exploring different factors (Student 1 and Student 2)

Client meeting: 28th August 2023

Draft report: (Week 9-11)

Prepare full draft report and send to supervisor for feedback.

Revise and make necessary corrections based on the feedback from the supervisor.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

Present the findings in a clear and coherent manner.

Based on findings and conclusion, give recommendations to the department.

Prepare for presentation: (Week 13-14)

Client meeting for final presentation: 18th September 2023

Present the dissertation to the client.

SUBMISSION- 25th September 2023


To minimize risks to the project “Predictors for Students’ Satisfaction in Groupwork,” the following steps can be taken:

  1. Ethical considerations: Ensure that the research project adheres to ethical guidelines and principles. Obtain informed consent from participants, maintain confidentiality of data, and address any potential risks or harm to participants. Obtain necessary approvals from relevant ethics committees or institutional review boards.
  2. Valid and reliable data collection instruments: Develop a questionnaire that is valid and reliable.
  3. Data quality control: Implement measures to ensure data quality and minimize errors or biases during data collection. Regularly monitor and review the collected data to identify and address any inconsistencies or anomalies.
  4. Data analysis: Use appropriate statistical tests and procedures to ensure accurate and reliable results.
  5. Project timeline and resources: Develop a realistic timeline for the project, considering the time required for data collection, analysis, and reporting. Allocate appropriate resources to ensure smooth project execution.
  6. Communication and collaboration: Maintain open communication channels with project team members. Foster collaboration and ensure that everyone involved is aware of their roles, responsibilities, and project objectives. Communicate project progress, challenges, and outcomes to Client.
  7. Continuous evaluation and improvement: Regularly assess the progress and outcomes of the project against the established objectives. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented strategies and recommendations. Identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance the project’s impact.