Personal and interpersonal leadership


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Personal and interpersonal leadership

Self Analysis and Review

Consider a conflict situation in which you have recently been involved. Analyse the
situation as it occurred, then complete the following questions before discussion with a
1. What was the nature of the conflict?

2. How or why did it develop?

3. What were you major concerns in dealing with it?

4. What were the concerns of the others involved?

5. What objectives did you have in dealing with it? What strategies did you use?

6. What was said and done by you and others?

7. What was the outcome?8. What did you do particularly well?

9. If you were to encounter a similar incident, what would you do differently?

10. What did you learn about yourself from this incident?

CLASS EXERCISE: Assignment 1 Approx 1000 words
Complete ‘Self Analysis Proforma. This will be completed and discussed in class. The self analysis should be used as a template for writing up the exercise. Your assignment will be to write up a report of this incident, exploring the situation and your learning, particularly why and how you act next time. It will be supported by reference to the relevant literature. In your report you should briefly write a description of the situation and your learning, particularly why and how you would act next time. It is anticipated that if this piece is submitted by the due date, each student will receive feedback within 2 weeks.