NHS Case Study Assignment




NHS Case Study Assignment

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NHS Case Study Assignment

This case study explores the challenges of integrating and commissioning internal and external suppliers. Specifically, you will consider the changing role of supplier relationships both internally and externally within the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).

By evaluating the outsourcing of the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency, you will explain how a company’s purchasing function can be outsourced in order to decrease costs and increase competitiveness.


Assignment instructions

  1. Read the case study background information provided in this document (see below) as well as the section on outsourcing in the NHS found, in the course textbook (pages 117-118).
  2. Take notes and record your initial thoughts on the case study while reading it.
  3. Respond to the following tasks/answer questions (write approximately 700 words for each):
    1. Conduct your own research into a country’s healthcare system (your choice) to explore the types of internal and external supplier relationships that exist in this industry.
    2. Commissioning units manage complex and evolving internal and external supplier relationships. Describe potential failures that may result from the inability to co-design, co-deliver, and coordinate healthcare resources.
    3. In what ways can these potential failures be reduced or eliminated by effective outsourcing agreements?
  4. Follow the formatting submissions:
    • All submissions for your assignment should be submitted as Word files and meet the stated length requirements, using Arial font, size 11.
    • Include a cover page and reference page, including the names of the students who prepared the assignment.
    • Your submission must conform to the requirements of APA formatting, including your references/bibliography. See Sault College APA Quick Guide for guidance on using APA to format your assignment. You may also consult the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
  5. One member of your team is required to submit the group project into the Submission Folder.