NBS8328 : International Management Practitioner




International Management Practitioner

Module Code

NBS8328 International Management Practitioner


Assignment 1

Project management team presentation (30% of overall mark)

Tomorrow (Wed) 14.30-15.30 NUBS1.03:

Introduction to the live client and the

project brief and Q and A


 work in teams (around 5-6) on an assigned live project
 the group presentation will take place in person during the workshop w/c 13th
March 2023
 15 mins presentation (+/- 2 mins) and 5 mins Q and A.

As a team you will need to make decisions about your approach then prepare and
deliver a presentation on your response to the project brief suitable for an audience
of professionals from industry.

 All group members will receive the same mark, so you must ensure that everyone is
involved in preparing the assignment. It is your decision as a team as to how many
of you present but all must be involved in the preparation. On the final slide you
need to outline the contribution which each team member has made.
 The presentations require you to apply project management skills by working
collaboratively in teams to design and manage a live international business
management project.
 The presentations should focus on key issues within the project, such as effective
design, issues analysis, solutions implementation and recommendations.
 Any non-contributors will be put into a group together. You need to inform the
module leader about this as soon as possible and at least two weeks before the date
of the presentation.


• 3 (three) NBS8328 workshops to work through the project and ask

• Final workshop: the opportunity to provide a detailed outline planned
presentation to the seminar tutor during the final workshop (e.g. a
draft of ppt slides) and receive feedback