MS70125E– Global Marketing in Digital Era


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Global Marketing in Digital Era

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MS70125E– Global Marketing in Digital Era

You are requested to develop a marketing plan to be implemented in a foreign market thus attain
the experience of developing a global marketing strategy for a real-life company of your choice
planning to enter a country it is currently not operating in.
The plan will include all the decisions a marketing manager must make when expanding business
across borders as well as a critical evaluation of the business current digital strategies.
Additionally, it should contain a justification to why your marketing proposal is ethical.

Further assignment Guidelines:
• The assignment will be marked on writing quality as well as content.
• Your writing needs to be clear, direct and persuasive.
• Use headings to organise your thinking and help orient the reader.
• The overall impression is also very important.
• In-text citations are very important, please ensure Harvard Referencing is followed at all
• Support your claims by authentic references
• Do not use bullet points and make intelligent use of appendices
• Spelling errors, poor format and grammar gives the impression of poor thinking,
carelessness and lack of regard for your assignment.
• The focus of the report is on the critical appraisal – not a restatement of what the marketing
practises are.

Assignment Format:
The report must be written in 12-point font and 1.5 spaced, with 1-inch (normal) margins on all
The report must have a cover page, and include the following information
o Name, surname, email address and ID number of the student
o Date submitted
o The course name
o Title of the assignment
Number all the pages (except the cover page) and always keep a backup copy

Assessment Criteria
• The company, the businessmission and vision statements and objectives of



the plan.
Competitors and Digital Marketing Environment Analysis
• Level of competition in chosen market
• Digital Marketing Analysis of the 3 main competitors


The current Business Environment
• External – Discuss the PESTLE factors that are relevant and how these
factors create opportunities or otherwise for the specific product to enter the
chosen market
• Internal – what are the resources that are enabling the company to take
advantage of the market you are entering?


Segmentation, Target and Position (STP)
• Analysis of the various segments in the chosen
• Segments of the market you targeting and rationale?
• Targeting issues
• Positioning strategies


The Marketing Mix
• The marketing mix 7ps
• The decisions and justifications to standardisation and adaptation


Conclusion and Recommendation
• Based on the analysis; what are your conclusions and recommendations?


Presentation, References
• Format and report presentation
• Academic writing
• Coherence and cohesion
• Use of academic references and resources


Total 100%