MMN225001 – Career Planning and Professional Development (CPPD)


Glasgow Caledonian University



Module Code

Career Planning and Professional Development (CPPD)

A detailed career plan including short term and midterm
career plans, including reflection on external engagement. To be submitted as a portfolio (2000 words /+-10 Excluding artefacts)
Template contains 205 words. 10 Marks will be deducted if more than 2,200


Career Goals
Instructions: Total +-500 For this section include your SMART career goal.
Artefacts includes:

Personal Statement
Please upload a brief (up to 2 minutes) video including your personal business philosophy. ONLY A VIDEO IS REQUIRED. Attach link.


Professional Journey
Instructions: Total +-500 words Provide your short-term career plan (1 year after Masters) Provide your mid-term career plan (3 years after Masters). Artefacts: includes Attach your CV artifact and attach any additional relevant information (such as a link for a job vacancy(ies) on which you based your career plans).

External Engagement Experience
Instructions: Briefly describe your external engagement (+-100 words) Reflect on what you learned from your experience (+-500 words). Artefacts includes Please provide evidence of your external engagement with photos, letters from supervisors, or any other evidence.


Updated PDP
Instructions: Please attach here your updated Personal Development Plan –
PDP with any relevant updates after your experience so far. Artefact includes: an updated Personal Development Plan (PDP) which you submitted in CW1 – highlighting any relevant updates after your experience so far. This is an artefact.

Future Development
Instructions: Please highlight here your concrete future development plans based on your self-assessment, external engagement learning and career
plans. +-400 words

Reference list (i.e., alphabetical order and in the CTR Harvard referencing style)