MMN224949 – International Operations Management (IOM)


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MMN224949 - International Operations Management (IOM)

1   GCU Regulations – Assessment Policy

  • GCU Mandatory Statement accompanying all At all levels, the following statement should be incorporated into any piece of coursework submitted by a student:

“This piece of coursework is my own original work and has not been submitted elsewhere in fulfilment of the requirement of this or any other award.”

Please refer to section 9.10 of the University Assessment Regulations 22-23 below:

University-Assessment-Regulations-2022-23-Post-Senate-Accessibility-Checked- Dec-22.pdf (gcu.ac.uk)

The above statement has been incorporated into the ‘Avoiding Academic Irregularity Checklist’, located in Appendix A. Students should carefully reflect on each point within this list, acknowledge responsibility by ticking each box to complete, sign and date (a typed signature will suffice) and include this document as an appendix within your coursework submission. Failure to incorporate the above statement within the coursework submission will result in an automatic fail.

  • Number of Attempts at an Assignment

Students are allowed two attempts at each piece of coursework. In order to pass the module, candidates must obtain 50% or greater.

Non-Submission of Coursework

 Failure to submit the assessment on the stipulated due date, or an extended deadline without prior agreement with the module leader/nominee will be deemed to have failed that submission and the non-submission being treated as an attempt.

Important Information on Assessment Submission 

This module makes use of the rubric online assessment system for summative marking on GCULearn. This means that all final coursework assignments must be submitted electronically and feedback will be provided electronically via GCULearn. This document provides details and marking guidance for the assessment for both the first and resit diet.

2. Summative Assessment (100%)

 You are required to write a 3,000 word report on how the concepts of operations management apply within ONE of the following sectors below. Your report should draw on examples of international and/or UK based organisations within your chosen sector in order to address the three sections below, with a critical assessment of the information gathered.

  • Cheese Manufacturing Sector
  • Surgical Instruments Manufacturing
  • Footwear Manufacturing Sector (footwear & apparel including socks).
  • Bread/ Bakery Product Manufacturing (not food services such as McDonalds)
  • Recreation and Leisure Industry
  • Transportation Service sector
  1. Select a sector from the list above, and critically discuss how the strategic direction of one organisation within this sector impacts the way in which its operations are
  2. Select just two areas of Operations Management from the list below, and critically analyse how they are applied in organisations within your chosen sector, giving insight into their importance in contributing towards the organisation’s success. Draw on practical examples of International and/or UK organisations within the sector to illustrate your points and ensure that you provide reference sources for all examples conveyed:
  • 4Vs of operations and 5 Performance Objectives
  • Process Design, Layout and location
  • Service Design
  • Managing Quality in Operations
  • Lean Management in Operations
  • Capacity Management, and Planning and Control
  • Sustainability/Green Supply Chain
  • Technological developments (e.g. AI, Blockchain)
  1. Identify and critically discuss current issues and challenges for sustainable operations management within your chosen.