MGMT 8320 : Stakeholder Management




Stakeholder Management

Module Code

MGMT 8320
MGMT 8320 : Stakeholder Management

A. Choose a project from the list provided and research information related to the topic.
Provide a project overview and stakeholder communications strategy that you would
present to an executive teamin order for the project to be approved.
B. To find a Project:
 Go to the XLSX provided in Week 10 of your eConestoga portal. The project is
focused on the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s)
 Browse each of the tabs. Each tab represents a category and within it each row
represents a specific objective.
 As a group decide on the very important social goal you would like to research and
plan for.

Before you begin, you MUST provide your instructor/professor with the project of choice.
Instructors/Professors will give you approval to start that project.
C. Your slide presentation must include ALLof the following sections:
1.Project Overview
6.Communication Plan
ASSUME and provide specifics (i.e.: RISKS will likely not have this information on the site)
The objective is to convince Conestoga Executives to approve and support your
project. Assume Conestoga has a sustainability budget.
Determine a budget between $100,000 and $250,000.
Determine your timeframe somewhere in the range of 3 months to 9 months.
Ensure your scope is realistic for the timeframe.
Number of Group Members: 3 min, – 5 max

Length of Presentation: 10 minutes (min) – 15 minutes (max)
Presentation Delivery:Live presentation in-class.
Powerpoints are to be uploaded to your assigned dropbox on by Week 10 (1 hour before your
live workshops)
Marked on:
 Structure of presentation /10
 Design of slides /10
 Presentation technique(REMOTE DELIVERY CLASSES: particularly the transition of
presenting from one co-host to another using Zoom/ Teams) /10

 Overall impression /5
 References Slide(s)/APA Format /5
Total Marks: /40