MBA641 – Strategic Project Management


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MBA641 - Strategic Project Management

Your task
You are required to tender for the contract to manage the project provided by your facilitator. You
must prepare a 8-minute video that you must present to the key stakeholders in the project.
Assessment Description.
The purpose of this assessment is to foster students’ ability to evaluate and determine project
viability, including the analysis required in the selection process. This will also form a part of
students’ ability to create project portfolios that meet an organisation’s strategic goals and
requirements and analyse project lifecycles and the processes involved in project development.
Students will also demonstrate the criteria required to evaluate the success of projects based on
an organisation’s goals, strategy and standards.
Assessment Instructions
Using the Project Strategy Framework of ‘Perspective, position and plan’, individually, you are
required to tender for managing the project, as if you were bidding to the project stakeholders.
In recording your video, you must ensure you provide sufficient information to the project
stakeholders regarding how your proposal will meet the current business needs and strategy as
outlined in the Project documents. Be mindful that this is not an explanation of the theoretical
concepts of the Project Strategy Framework.
Your tender must be linked to the case study to identify each of the key elements of the Project
Strategic Framework, including the business background, objective and concept, the project’s
definition, its competitive advantage or value, and success failure criteria. You are also expected
to present the project definition and its strategic focus. In addition, your tender must demonstrate
how you propose to deliver these results, clearly linked to the case study criteria of what is expected
by the project stakeholders.
Once you have recorded your tender, you are then required to create a one-page infographic using
Canva in which you are to summarise the key points of your video addressing the project
Assessment Information
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You are required to use at least 8 sources of information and use the Kaplan Harvard
Referencing Style. These may include government publications, industry reports, and journal
articles. These sources must be presented in the video in the form of in-text citations and a
reference list. Wikipedia and other ‘popular’ sites are not to be used.
Assessment Submission
Students are encouraged to submit their work well before the deadline to avoid technical difficulties. For
students with limited experience in video-making techniques and submission, it is recommended to read
the ‘Help with Kaltura video upload’ resource available to you under the assessments tab in MyKBS.