MBA633 – Real World Business Analytics and Management


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Real-world Business Analytics and Management

Module Code

MBA633 : Real-world Business Analytics and Management-Case Study Analysis

Your task
Individually, you are required to create a seven-minute video recording in which you are to read
the case studies provided and answer questions with the analytics theory and potential analytics
professionals required for solving the business problems at hand.

Assessment Description
This individual assessment allows students to practice evaluating strategies for advanced data
analysis and use the intangible resources deemed essential in digital data analysis and

Assessment Instructions
Private health insurers cover some of the treatment costs for private patients. Treatment can be
in private or public hospitals. People might choose to take out health insurance because of the
ability to select their doctor or specialist and the hospital they prefer from the health insurer’s
agreed providers, as well as the advantage in treatment time and process.
In Australia, more than 30 insurers offer a wide variety of different health insurance products.
While the number of policies available to you will vary depending on where you live and your
circumstances, you may still have more than 100 policies to choose from. However, this could
be expensive. Moreover, often the parameters to select the suitable premium are too basic,
which gives a minimal indication of the actual lifestyle and the current health of the customers.
Vitality Health Insurance company has chosen a different approach. The company believes the
way to revolutionise healthcare is to pay for wellness rather than sickness, as traditional
insurance companies do. They use technology and data to track—and reward—healthy
behaviour. Read the article about Vitality and prepare a video about its approach to using Big
Data to improve the insured’s health by providing health insights from data.

Assessment Information

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More specifically, you are to record a 7-minute by using accompanying PowerPoint slides that
address the following sections:
• Briefly describe the industry to which the analytics have been applied and the business
problem to be solved.
• The type of analytics that could be used and its application to address that business
• What are the main challenges when using this type of analytics to archive the business
• What potential types of data and their examples would be collected from the customers,
and what suggestions on where they should be stored?
In preparing for this assessment, you will need to demonstrate your ability to find and use
relevant information to support your findings in the video. This information could be sourced
from corporate websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal
articles, and newspaper articles. Please visit Kaplan Library via MyKBS or seek help from your
workshop facilitator if you are unsure where or how to find the correct information.
At the very least, you should use ten (10) sources of information and reference these in
accordance with the Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. These sources should be
presented in the video as in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your slides.
In recording this video, you will need to prepare accompanying PowerPoint slides that are
clear, concise, and of the required quality. Please do not hesitate to contact our Academic
Success Centre to learn referencing and technical skills required for this assessment.