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Career in Practice

What am I required to do in this assignment?
This is a short reflective report on the success of your first submission where you will consider your current readiness for employment, identify your professional and personal development during the process and build an action plan for further self-development. Consider the tools and frameworks that have been taken in the module related to team building, leadership, and self-reflection. There is no perfect way to structure your work, but you may want to follow the following guidance:
Introduction – (150 words approximately)
A brief overview of the project completed, your role within it, and then what tools and frameworks you will use to reflect on the project and your skills.
Main body  – (350 words approximately)
A reflection of leading your project, (how did you feel about the process of developing the project), an evaluation of your skills in relation to
managing projects, which of these skills are you planning to focus on for your personal career aspirations? This section should use the variety of tools presented in BREO, and will use them for the foundation of your discussion of your abilities at present. This will then feed into the next section of how you will develop your future skills.
Recommendations  – (350 words approximately)
Skills that you need to develop for your future career aspirations, and some practical steps of how you will go about achieving these. These should link from the section before, making use of frameworks where possible.
Conclusion  – (150 words approximately)
Summarise your findings and provide a conclusion of your reflections.
References – (not included in word count)
There should be a range of resources starting with those taken in the module, and the highest grading papers will show evidence of wider reading.
Appendix – (not included in word count)
For use of any diagrams / models that you have used and adapted. What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
Submit a reflective report that:
Reflects upon your role in a practical project from a practitioner perspective
Demonstrates the ability to self-appraise, setting realistic and measurable goals for development
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
We will be filling this section in together in class on make sure you have downloaded/printed out the Assignment Brief and bring it to the session with you. How does assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions? The assignment task draws on and explores your understanding of the various aspects of project planning that we explore in class. Involvement of relevant employers will be used to help you understand some of the challenges and issues that may be faced. The sessions on self-reflection will help you to critically reflection on your employment readiness