Managing People in Global Organisations


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Managing People in Global Organisations

Avoiding academic irregularity: plagiarism/ghost-writing checklist Coursework submission cover sheet
Before you submit coursework, in accordance with University regulations, you should be able to confirm that the coursework that you are submitting is your own original work, and that you have:
Read and understood the guidance on plagiarism in the Module Handbook;
Clearly referenced, both within the text and on the end reference page, all sources used in the work;
Based your work on academic sources from academic search engines such as the American Business Index (ABI). Student sources should not be used;
Used inverted commas and the full reference details (including page numbers) for all text quoted from books, journals, web- based or other sources;
• Provided the sources for all data in tables and figures that are not my own work;
Not made use of the work of any other student(s) past or present without acknowledgement. This includes any of my own work, that has been previously, or concurrently, submitted for assessment, either at this or any other educational institution, including school;
• Not sought or used the services of any professional agencies such as ghost writers or other individuals, to produce this work; Retained all the material collected in the process of developing your coursework.
In addition, I understand that any false claim in respect of this work will result in disciplinary action in accordance with University regulations.