M520 : International Economics




International Economics

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M520 International Economics

Primary Assessment
Individual reflective

The US-China trade war is an ongoing economic conflict between the two
countries since 2018 when U.S. President Donald Trump began setting
tariffs and other trade barriers on Chinese products which China
reciprocated. This dispute has imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of
dollars and affected both producers and consumers in both countries.
Though negotiations are ongoing, based on the current stands from both

parties (Jo Biden and Xi Jinping), the dispute is not anywhere in sight to end.
The uncertainties around the trade war have hurt businesses and weighed
on the global economy and international trade.

As an expert in international economics, you are asked to provide an in-
depth analysis on the following:

1. Why and how is the trade war taking place?
2. How is the trade war impacting both economies and is there a
winner and a loser?
3. What is your recommendation for the way forward?