LLP305: Critical Reflective Leadership and Sport Management


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Critical Reflective Leadership and Sport Management

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LLP305: Critical Reflective Leadership and Sport Management

Assessment 1 – Individual Presentation

10 minute TOTAL video, which you script and personally narrate.
• General assessment guidance (additional information provided on Learn)
FOCUS of your VIDEO:
Given the alarming rise in mental ill-health across populations and organizations, plan,
narrate and present an engaging 10 minute video which sets out your leadership strategy for
building a “wellbeing culture”, within a sports organization known to you. Present it in
enough detail ready to ‘go live’ with the first step/s, and with a targeted group, within that
organization. So, think about what you say, how you say it and why.



Assessment 2 – Essay (Individual)

Conventional wisdom tells us that we should learn from our mistakes. However, the
strengths-based leadership movement says that all we learn from mistakes are the
characteristics of mistakes. If we want to learn about our successes, we must study success.
Use examples from sport and sports business to discuss the implications of this statement
and the leadership challenges with building organizations around what works, rather than
around fixing what doesn’t.