Internship at Albanian assembly in Tirana, Albania


Wittenborg University



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Internship at Albanian assembly in Tirana, Albania

Professional-Based Learning Group Report (Template)


(Cover page) [Title of the report]

[Group members: Full names + s-numbers]

[Time of submission]

Table of contents  
Abstract [Provide an overview of the project by introducing briefly its background, objectives, process, and conclusion. 100-200 words]


[Introduce the background of the project, the necessity of learning, objectives of the project, the roles of the stakeholders, time duration, methods, the structure of the report, etc.]
Group members [Introduce briefly each of the group members, including their fields of study, respective roles and aims in the project, skills to develop, etc.]
Rationale [Present the theoretical and practical rationale behind the project, e.g., the motivation of the profession-based learning (should be related to (some of) the Aims and Objectives of the module), learning theories/models used in the project, and relevant examples, relevance to practice and employability, etc.]
Information of the Workplace(s) [Introduce briefly the workplace(s), including its business/specialisation, structure, scale, and facilities provided to the project, etc.]
Learning partnerships [Summarise how the group members work together for the learning, and how the members work with their colleagues in the workplace during the project, etc. Critically reflect on the partnerships and point out places to be improved.]
Profession-Based Learning [Review the learning project with the 6 work journals; influencing changes on each of the group members in practice; emerging issues and observations/(possible) solutions, etc.]
(Self-)Assessment Criteria and Rationale [Indicate clearly the criteria/aspects (e.g., learning experience, coherence, layout, …) with brief description, scales (e.g., excellent, good,…), and weight/proportion (1-100%), etc. The rationale should be based on theories or justified with reason. ]
(Self-) Assessment of the project [Based on the above assessment criteria, evaluate the project, and justify the result with reason.]
Feedback from the External Project Consultant [The draft will be firstly sent to the external consultant (arranged by the teacher and will be announced soon) to make an appointment. The consultant will have a meeting with the group and give his/her feedback. Summarise here the feedback from the consultant, and your reflections based on the feedback.]
Conclusion [Conclude your group project here. Review your experience in using the relevant theories/models. Indicate the direction and method of sustainable learning based on the review.]


References [In Harvard Referencing style, check the format and examples here: https://library.aru.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm ]
Appendix Statement of Contribution for Group Assignments (see next page)








This Statement of Contribution is for the group assignment which is part of the assessment requirements of the Module: – ……………………………………with the Module code………….


In order to ensure the equal contribution and hence a fair assessment on the group project, this Statement of Contribution was confirmed and signed by the group members who actively participated in the final submission.













We hereby declare and confirm that the group report was conducted based on the equal contributionofallabovementionedindividuals.Weacknowledgethateachmemberwillreceive the same assessment result awarded for the report and for any forthcoming issue we are in agreement that every member will be held liable.