Identify, research and analyse a contemporary real-world cyber-attack on a particular organisation


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Identify, research and analyse a contemporary real-world cyber-attack on a particular organisation

Module Learning Outcomes Mapping to Assessment Structure

(Module tutors are required to provide the learning outcomes of the module and how the assessment addresses any/all the outcomes within this brief)

No Module Learning Outcomes Mapped to CW
1 Critically analyse, reflect upon and select appropriate Cyber Security and Data analytics tools and techniques depending upon organisations’ situation and context y
2 Demonstrate a critical understanding of different types of data analytics methods and the problems they can address within enterprises n
3 Apply principles and best practices to analyse, evaluate and manage Cyber Security techniques and skills while appreciating the roles of organisations and key stakeholders within corporate environments. y

Critically analyse practical difficulties that arise when implementing credit risk modesl, understanding the cross-fertilisation to other business contexts within complex enterprises.

5 Assess the relevance and application of statistical package and tools for decision making process within enterprises. n








Assignment Information:


This is an individual assignment – you may NOT collaborate with other students


Submission requirements and format

Your submission should be a maximum of 2000 words and submitted as a report in PDF (A4 format, 10-point Times New Roman font, double spaced).

Students are required to hand submit an electronic copy via Moodle by the deadline noted above. Feedback will be provided after 4 weeks.


Evaluation will have a scale of 0 – 100

The basis of the evaluation will be on the marking criteria below but will focus on the analysis of relevant research in the context of this cyber-attack and insight that is revealed from that analysis.


Assessment Topic Background


Cyber-attacks are common and can be hugely disruptive to businesses. Analysing a real-world attack can reveal insight into defensive and operational approaches that can reduce the impact.


To show your understanding of:

  • The business impact of a cyber attack
  • Common real-world responses to a cyber attack
  • Realistic and pragmatic actions to be better prepared for an attack

You may also consider:

  • Key business operations and impact on customers
  • Organisational structures
  • Likely threats and threat actors to that organisation
  • Lessons learnt and remediations that were implemented by the organisation
  • Other attacks that might be relevant to this





Assignment Task:


Identify, research and analyse a contemporary real-world cyber-attack on a particular organisation, with reference to the contents of this module and the application of relevant academic research. Produce a structured business report of no more than 2000 words in the following format.


The output should be in the form of a structured business report which should include the following:

  • Introduction: to the general topic of cyber-attacks
  • Background: a description of the organisation and the attack
  • Research context: an analysis of relevant research to this topic
  • Critical analysis: your analysis of the cyber-attack in the context of relevant research
  • Conclusion: specific and general conclusions on the topic of cyber-attacks from your analysis and insight from the application of relevant

A structured business report is a document that could be understood and actioned by an industry professional and should have pragmatic and practical actions in it.

However, for this assignment it is important that academic and industry research is used to support your analysis and that this is referenced to the APA standard.


The organisation chosen can be a commercial or public (e.g. governmental) organisation located anywhere in the world and the attack should have occurred or been reported within the last three years.



General Assessment Guidelines and Tips:


It is expected that you undertake additional reading and research in addition to the teaching materials for this module and to incorporate this in your report. You must reference all materials used to an academic standard.


It is also recommended that the cyber-attack selected is well documented. Non- academic sources may be used for this purpose, provided that the provenance of the source is verified.



Assessment Marking Criteria




Assignment/Coursework Marking Criteria
Part Part/Section Total Marks
1 ·         Context and focus of the assignment 10
2 ·         Theory and concepts applied 35

·         Analysis and critical evaluation of the situation

4 ·         Conclusions 10
5 ·         Structure and logical argument 10
  (Marked out of 100)