HR9704 – Developing Self as HR Leader


Northumbria University Newcastle


Human Resources

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HR9704 - Developing Self as HR Leader

1. Using a recognised reflective model (e.g. Gibbs), reflect upon your performance on the MA HRM/D programme to date and providing specific examples, identify your areas of strength and areas for development. In explaining and interpreting your performance (strengths and areas for development), use the academic literature and your results from five or six of the diagnostics/toolkits you completed during the first semester of the module. This reflection should support you in developing your self-awareness.
2. Critically examine why self-awareness is important for (i) effective culturally aware HR leadership practice and (ii) for your professional development.
3. Based upon your evaluation of your performance and your critical evaluation of the
importance of self-awareness across these two areas, discern three specific ways in which you
need to develop as a HR professional