Global Strategy, Development and Implementation structure sheet




Global Strategy, Development and Implementation

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Global Strategy, Development and Implementation structure sheet

The following are applicable strategies that could be considered. These
strategies, coupled with associated theoretical models and business
examples, should be analysed and critically evaluated.
Introduction – Company name, what industry sector is it in, what is the current
turnover of the company, how many countries does it operate in, how many
employees’ works for the company. (100 words)
Using Porter’s Five Forces model (Competitors, suppliers, buyer's, new entrants,
and substitution), analyse the competitive structure of one of its key markets and
reasons it is attractive. Each force to be discussed and assessed as High, Moderate
or Low. (700 words)
Analyse, using any techniques/theoretical models-, core competences and
competitive advantage and how it differentiates it from competitor. Using Value
Chain and VRIO analysis state the competitive advantage (1400)
Discuss the implication of the current external environment and identify the
challenges that will affect the competitive position of the company (major issues
only) (500 words)
Based upon research, recommend, and justify a potential market (new country new
or segment) that the company could consider moving into. (300 words)