Global Strategy: Challenges and Choices


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Global Strategy: Challenges and Choices


  • An answer that is clearly focused on the question, and answers it clearly.
  • A clear structure that follows the template guide.
  • Evidence of research related to the task, from multiple sources (journal articles, research, government reports, case websites etc.
  • References to sources of information in the report where relevant.

1.Introduction: choose a global private sector company in a distinct industry sector. Provide a brief overview of the company (Main activities, product/market portfolio, market share, competitors, key stakeholders, strategic aims).  (10 marks)

2.Yip’s Global Drivers: using Yip’s model compile an analysis of the industry environment in which the company competes.   (20 marks)

3.Entry mode analysis: Identify and discuss the advantages and risks associated with the mode of entry to international markets adopted by your chosen company.   (20 marks)

4.Globalisation: Critically discuss the benefits and challenges associated with the exploiting the development of market globalisation for your chosen company.   (40 marks)

5.Conclusions: Identify and summarise the key issues and findings that have emerged from your analysis and discussion of the case.   (5 marks)

6.References: provide a full reference list set out Harvard style   (5 marks)