EE5001 – Project And Programme Management


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Project And Programme Management

Resit topic

Although the original CW2 was a group activity, for this resit assignment you must write an individual report, on your own. You may not submit a revised version of your original group submission. You must write a new report.


Assignment Information:


  1. Introduction


This assignment builds on the existing CW1 assignment by focussing on the same organisation but extending the case study into a more extensive simulation of managing the product delivery and project management process.


  1. Objectives
  • To develop student’s abilities to develop a multi-disciplinary project plan across the full product lifecycle, using either Agile or traditional waterfall methods
  • To test student’s abilities to develop more advanced project skills e.g. risk management, responding to change, stakeholder management
  • To develop student’s situational and organisational awareness


  1. Report question


Design, Plan and Deliver to Market your previously selected service or product


  1. Notes
  2. You are required to submit your assignment documentation to Moodle
  3. Please refer to the detailed assignment specification below for further information
  4. This is an individual assignment
  5. Please follow the project brief closely, you will lose marks for omission of any key sections
  6. Approach your lecturer to address any specific questions
  7. Detailed Assignment Brief


The aim of this assignment is to help students develop their appreciation of how to design, plan and deliver to Market your service or product concept – as prepared in assignment 1. We will do this by simulating project management of a real service or product.


  1. Your selected product or service – Project Delivery:

You are required to develop aservice or productproject plan


You have 2 options to deliver your plan:

  1. Using a traditional project management Gantt chart plan
  2. Using an Agile Release Plan


At this stage, you are focused on fine-tuning the product or service ready for delivery. You will also deliver a realistic Project Plan – the ‘how’– plus several other planning/project management artifacts we discussed in lectures.


  1. Assignment Requirements


The outputs you are required to deliver for this assignment are listed below. Your submission to Moodle needs to include a document that contains all the requirements below. You must include each of these items below, as evidence you have completed the assignment effectively.


The clearer you present each of the requirements, the better your mark will be.


Assignment Deliverable Requirement Mark/100
A.     Create WBS ·         Develop a Work Breakdown Structure for the reviewed PBS, using Clickup or a charting tool of your choice 40
B.      Create project Milestones ·         Using your own insights, create a set of milestones for your project, for example:

o    Design completed

o    Testing completed

o    Product released to market

C.     Create Detailed tasks ·         Based on your WBS:

o    (Traditional project management) break up your plan into a series of related delivery tasks

o    (Agile approach) create a series of epics and matching user stories

D.     Create Gantt Chart in ClickUp ·         Using ClickUp, create either:

o     a Gantt Chart that sequences all your tasks

o    A Release plan consisting of draft user stories (you can use a different tool e.g. excel to express your release plan

·         Include your milestones

·         Produce a screenshot of the final Gantt Chart/ Release Plan

  TOTAL 100




  1. Submission requirements and format


Your report should be a maximum of 3,000 words and submitted as a report in Microsoft Word. Consider A4 format, and 10-point size Times New Roman font. Students are required to submit an electronic copy via Moodle.


  1. Evaluation:

Evaluation will have a scale of 0 – 100 and constitutes 60% of your overall grade for this module

  1. Assignment Hints and Tips


  • Remember, the delivery of the advertisement is required in a relatively short time period – so your plan needs to be realistic
  • Please follow the project brief closely, you will lose marks for omission of any key sections
  • Please ask questions by emailing [email protected]