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Economics 2B

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ECON2002: Economics 2B | University of Glasgow

Essay Question:
Using the IS-LM-PC model in your analysis, evaluate UK macroeconomic policy responses to a
Covid-19 shock, that happened in Spring 2020.
Hint. Once you understand the nature of pandemic shocks in the IS-LM-PC model, it will be easy to
see what the policy should do. Then see what has been done and make conclusions.

Instructions to Students
• Submit your assignment according to the submission instructions in the assessment section on
• Please note that this assignment will be screened for plagiarism.
• Word Limit 1000 words: ‐ Excludes references, bibliography, graphs and tables ‐ Word limit must
be strictly adhered to.
• Font size: Size 12, Arial/Calibri/Times New Roman
Spacing 1.5
Margins: Normal (2.54cm)

Assignment Marking Criteria
The theory which we learned in the course should be made relevant to your answer.
As it is a ‘briefing note’, you do not need to elaborate a long introduction or summarise long
Use your own words.
Please use graphs and/or tables to support your arguments. You are welcome to draw diagrams and
sketch graphs, but they should be clear and readable.
Attribute the ideas you use to the rightful owners by means of referencing (if you use somebody
else’s idea and do not attribute it, it is plagiarism). Referring to lecture notes is not a good idea: use
original authors instead. Full details for all in-text references should be given in a bibliography.
Make sure that you understand what plagiarism is and know how to avoid it. Information on
plagiarism can be found in the Undergraduate Handbook.