Designing a Flyer





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Designing a Flyer

For this assignment, your task is to design a single page FLYERfor one of the events listed below. You must use a Publisher template as a starting point and you are required to make modifications, as described on page 2. You will be graded on your overall design, how effectively you targeted your audience, whether you included all of the elements requested, as well as your writing skills. The flyer must be your original ideas and work. Do not use the Internet, or any other resources for information.NO INTERNET TEMPLATES ALLOWED—thiswill be considered a breach of Academic Integrity.

Design a flyer for one of the following events:

  • New Year’s Eve Dinner and Dance
  • College Sports Team Playoff Game
  • Holiday Party or event (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Fall Festival)
  • Sheridan Student Union event


In the space below, answer the questions to plan your flyer:

  1. Audience – who is the intended audience for your flyer?
  2. What sort of images and/or colours will you include to appeal to this audience?
  3. What is the main message of your flyer that you want your reader to remember?
  4. Using the design element of FOCUS, what do you want your reader to notice first on your flyer? How will you achieve this?


Include the following elements in your flyer:

  1. You must start with a MS Publisher Flyer template


  1. At least twographic elements


  1. One bulleted list, with custom bullets (not the defaults on the ribbon)

Hint: Go to page 194-195 for detailed instruction on creating custom bullets


Assignment Submission:

  • Save Page 1 of this assignment with the answers to your questions as:Lastname_Firstname_FlyerPlanner
  • Save your flyer as: Lastname_Firstname_Flyer
  • Prior to midnight before your next class, upload the Flyer document to the drop box in SLATE; ensure that you have a copy of the flyer with you for Week 4 class, as you will need it for an in-class editing activity
  • After class, but before midnight on the day of class, upload your FLYER PLANNER and YOUR EDITED FLYER to the Creative Assignment 1 drop box in SLATE


  • See grading rubric below
  • Note—Participationin Online Discussion Group #1 in-class activity
    will be included in your Flyer grade
Overall Design
MS Publisher flyer (2),Focus (1), Balance(1), Proportion(1), Contrast(1), Directional Flow(1), Consistency(1), Colour(1)
Audience Targeting(page 1 of this Assignment) 3
Required Elements(1,2,3 listed above) 5
Writing Skills(-.5 deduction for each error) 3
Online Discussion #1completed in Week 4 class (5 marks for posting your flyer; 10 marks for editing 5 other students’ work (x2) 15
Total 35