Design a project proposal related to your home or workplace





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Design a project proposal related to your home or workplace

The parts of a project concept proposal outline will vary depending on the type of project. However, your project description should contain the following elements:


Parts of a Project Proposal Outline:


  1. Introduction: What does the assessment require you to do?


  1. Background: Briefly explain the problem or opportunity and why the project is necessary.


  1. Scope / Objectives: Write a one or two-paragraph explanation of what the project aims to accomplish. Define the size / complexity of the project and specify the resources (people, equipment and raw materials) needed for its Set specific and measurable project goals. Identify SMART project objectives, defined as follows:


Specific: Answer who; what; when; where; and why.

Measurable: How will you measure success and evaluate the project? Achievable: Set goals that are possible to accomplish with the available resources.

Relevant: Goals should be aligned with your organization’s mission.

Time-bound: Include intermediate and final deadlines for each goal.


  1. WBS (or Phases of Work): Break down the project into phases that describe the desired outcome for each. Identify the project deliverables and


  1. Budget / Timeline: Include a general timeline and outline the timeline for each phase, including the basic tasks that you will accomplish, with start and end dates. Account for the total estimated costs of the project and how much you have Use a project budget template for a more detailed breakdown of budgeted and actual project expenses.


  1. Risk Assessment: Describe the risks associated with the project and the contingencies (alternative action plans) to address such risks to ensure the project’s


  1. Conclusion: Write a one-paragraph summary that includes the main points of your


  1. Bibliography: Include at least five references as per the Harvard University Reference