Contemporary Marketing– Recorded Individual Presentation


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Contemporary Marketing

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Assessment 1 – Recorded Individual Presentation

Assessment will take into account of associated theories and frameworks for marketing; it
will consider the marketing tools and techniques; opportunities and challenges marketers
engage with will be discussed; the application of concepts, tools and frameworks to
businesses marketing case study, realistic and adequate recommendations, quality of
argument and presentation of the work
Students are asked to prepare a presentation that will provide an evaluation of
their client’s current marketplace [LO3 & LO4] and provide a recommendation using tactics
suitable for the businesses [LO2] underpinned by relevant theory and frameworks from the
module [LO1]. The PowerPoint deck with voice over counts for 100%.

Answer Guide
The assessment for Contemporary Marketing is a recorded individual presentation. This
assessment is worth 100% of your final mark.
You are required to choose ONE of the following organisations.
 Waitrose
 Bannatyne Health Club
 Nobody’s child fashion
 Fitbit
 Holiday Inn Express
 Google Nest
 Worcester Bosch
 British Airlines
 British Gas
Your presentation will consist of a critical evaluation of your organisations marketing
activities and must cover the following.
– Introduction to your chosen organisation
– A critical analysis of your organisation’s macro environment and micro environment
– A critical analysis of your organisation’s STP strategy and (online) value proposition
– A critical analysis of your organisation’s performance in Three of the following areas
(pick 1 from Three of the Four categories):
Category 1 (pick
ONE from here)

Category 2 (pick
ONE from here)

Category 3 (pick
ONE from here)

Category 4 (pick
ONE from here)

– Product
– Place
– Pricing

– Search
– Traditional
– Use of
media e.g.

– Tactics to
– Global

– Service mix
– Consumer
– New Product



A summary consisting of where key improvements to their performance could be
made and what they should do differently
Time Length
The time length of the presentation is a maximum of 20 minutes. It is expected that most
presentations will fall within 10% of this (e.g. between 18-20 minutes). However, any
content over 20 minutes will not be marked.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcome 1 Assess the marketplace and wider
marketing environment as a means of
identifying strategic implications for an

The presentation will cover a critical evaluation of the macro and
micro marketing environment of the chosen case study business.
Learning outcome 2 Critically assess how a blend of key
marketing concepts may be utilised to
provide effective solutions in contemporary

Consideration of the opportunities and challenges in the macro and
micro environments of a small business/entrepreneurial marketing
case study.
Learning outcome 3 Critically evaluate and apply a range of
strategic marketing tools to create
customer-oriented solutions and to satisfy
corporate and marketing based objectives.
Students will undertake a review of available secondary data.
The presentation will consider the potential use of marketing tools
and techniques and the opportunities offered to the chosen case
study business.
Learning outcome 4 Appraise and review how marketing
planning co-ordinates integrated marketing
solutions to practical business situations
Issues around marketing actions will be explored via a review
secondary literature and through the chosen case study business.

Assessment Criteria
Assessment will take into account presentation of the work, investigation, relevance (and
adequacy) of information and quality of conclusions.

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86 – 100% Excellent Excellent and very well-structured work which provides full and
exemplary application (of theory) leading to well supported
conclusions and recommendations. Professionally presented
and demonstrates sound (well referenced) theoretical

70 – 85% Very Good Very good presentation, application and conclusions with
relevant theoretical support and examples. A well-structured
presentation with clearly identified outcomes.
60 – 69% Good Decent presentation with reasonable structure which
features some supporting theory, good application and

50 – 59% Adequate Basic application. Some conclusions but with limited

underpinning. Some supporting examples and theory. A largely
descriptive presentation with few or limited outcomes.
0 – 49% Fail Weak work that features little relevant theory or application
and provides few meaningful conclusions. A poorly delivered
piece which fails to show an adequate grasp of the theories.
Weak or incomplete analysis, without meaningful conclusions.