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Infographics and Pitch

Your Task


You are required to prepare Infographics and In-class Pitch.


Assessment Description


Jack’s Mowing Phase 3 – Beyond January 2023


Jack and Diane are running a successful lawn-mowing business. Jack constantly receives emails and phone calls from potential customers outside of New South Wales. With the experience of running the business for the last three years, Jack and Diane are looking at expanding the business all over Australia and want to list on ASX in the next five years.


Jack and Diane have engaged you as an independent business consultant seeking your advice. You have been provided with all the reports prepared in assessment 2. After a review of these reports, you have concluded that the existing systems and processes could be more reliable and accurate. The current systems capture incorrect data, and several things need to be corrected in processing invoices and employee timesheets.


Advising Jack and Diane, you must prepare a presentation summarising the below areas:



  1. Identify the errors and the necessary improvements to information systems and processes to ensure the data is correctly captured at the input stage and for the systems to process the data accurately.
  2. Advise which systems development options should be Your proposal should consider ethical matters, adopting current and emerging technologies, and reasons. Reference emerging technologies. (Hint: for emerging technologies, consider any



accounting information system or software that will integrate with Jack’s mowing)

  1. Identify the opportunities and challenges with the expansion
  2. An infographic comparing
    • The correct revenue earned and cash paid by
    • Actual wages payable and wages claimed by the

(Hint: use the reports provided (which may vary from the data used in Asessment 2) and explore the range of infographics available on excel).


Assessment Instructions


Part A (10%)


You must prepare PPTx slides (infographics) and upload them on LMS by Sunday of Week 11 by 11:59 PM (AEDT).


  • Briefly identify the purpose of the presentation and the target


  • Identify and prepare the relevant Infographics to be included in the PPTx


  • Identify the sources of the pitch (e.g., journal articles, textbooks, websites, regulatory bodies ). You must reference each source as per KBS referencing guidelines.



Part B (30%)


You will complete an in-class individual presentation in the week 12 workshop. Detailed instructions:

  • Identify the sources relevant to the slide deck (e.g., journal articles, textbooks, websites, regulatory bodies ). You must reference each source as per KBS referencing guidelines.


  • Complete in-class presentations during the week 12 Each student is required to give

a presentation for a maximum of 5 minutes.


  • For the slides:


  • You are encouraged to be creative with your slide Try to use only a few words on the slide. Remember – “A picture says a thousand words”. Use appropriate pictures/photos that support your talk.
  • For example, you should have at most ten slides (excluding cover slides and references) Slide 1: Cover slide



Slide 2: Brief introduction – Jack’s mowing current systems and processes Slide 3: Errors – Jack’s mowing current systems and processes

Slide 4: Improvements – Systems and processes Slide 5: System development options

Slide 6: Emerging technology recommendation Slide 7: Opportunities & Challenges

Slide 8: Infographics – Revenue

Slide 9: Infographics – Wage expenses Slide 10: References


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