Business Management Individual Coursework Assignment



Business Management

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PMP BEAF: Business Management Individual Coursework Assignment

format will be required including an introduction, body and conclusion with
a reference list at the end. It is important to include in-text citations where
 In this essay, subtitles, bullet points and use of first personal pronouns (I,
we, me, us, our, etc.) are not allowed.
 The appropriate referencing style to be applied in this assessment is
Harvard Referencing Style (author-date system). You can review materials
provided on Learn Ultra and visit Cite Them Right Online.
 You must have at least 10 references, preferably of different types including
academic books, journal articles and reliable websites.
Explanation and guidance
 As you have been advised, to complete the assessment, you are required to
research and read Mintzberg’s managerial roles in detail to gain knowledge
about the topic.
In the essay you need to
 Explain the managerial roles.
 Analyse why these interpersonal, informational, and decision- making roles are
important for a business.
 Submit your work via Turnitin.

It is important to access the feedback provided for your Week 3 formative assessment
(available on VLE), as this will help you to understand where you need to improve for
this summative assessment. Always ask your tutor for clarification or further support
if required.