BUS7B65 : Critical Issues in International Business Management




Critical Issues in International Business Management

Module Code

BUS7B65 : Individual Presentation and Reflective Account

Task 1: 10-minute Presentation + 5-minute Q&A (1,500 words equivalent)

1 The grade is provisional until confirmed by the relevant assessment board(s). Your work will be marked in
percentages. This is considered to deliver the most accurate and fair outcomes for students. Each assessment
that you undertake will be assessed using the common grading system. Information about the grading system can
be found in your Student Handbook, Section 13.
The Grade Criteria can be found in Appendix C of your Student Handbook.

Assessment Brief: BUS7B65 – 2022-23 Page 3
Task 1:
The objective of the portfolio (4,000 words equivalent) is to present different views on the proposed

• Students are supposed to identify at least two “Critical Issues in the
Automotive and transportation industry that Affect International Businesses
in terms of Globalisation”. These can cover aspects such as changes in consumer
behaviour, trade agreements and free circulation of goods and services, political
regimes and international legislation, etc.
• This should be presented on a PowerPoint poster (see instructions/suggestions on
how to produce a poster that is available on canvas).
• You should also provide some valid examples to illustrate your identified issues.
• Each student will present his/her poster (10 minutes) followed by a Q&A (5
• Poster presentations should be 1,500 words equivalent.

Task 2:

• Upon conclusion of the presentation, students will submit a reflective account (2,500
words) that reflects the work presented and the issues discussed and highlighted
during the research and production of the poster presentation.