BUS7B27: Implementing Strategy |Strategic Plan Report


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Implementing Strategy

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BUS7B27: Implementing Strategy
  1. Critically evaluate the contribution made to successful strategic practices through the development and maintenance of resource capabilities
  2. Select and propose a strategic choice to effectively support and contribute to the future organisational performance.
    Do we have a Planet or a Plastic Planet? The plastic crisis has had an increased focus and has been widely documented, especially over the past 5 years. There are some shocking statistics that discuss the way in which we use and dispose of plastics. 90.5%: the estimated amount of plastic waste EVER made, that has never been recycled. 79% is in landfill or litter 11% has been incinerated, Geyer and Jamback, (2017). The crisis is now affecting the way in which live, our eco-systems and politics but it also influences the choices both business and consumers make.The problem has prompted many countries and business alike to impose plastic initiatives to reduce the amount of single use plastics and plastic use in general.

    Your Challenge

    You are the new strategic developments executive for a company of your choice. The board of directors have decided to implement a new plastic reduction strategy. Your task is to brief the board of directors about implementing a new plastic reduction strategy across the business.   This will be done by completing the below:

    This is an individual assessment

    With reference to assessment 1 findings & tutorial work, create a strategic plan report that analyses & evaluates the different strategic directions the company could take to implement the plastic strategy showing how it could contribute to increased organisational performance. Conclude by proposing the best suited plastic strategy and ensure that your proposal is justified with properly sourced evidence from both academic and business resources.