BUS4A3 – Contemporary Business Environment


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Contemporary Business Environment
BUS4A3 - Contemporary Business Environment

This task will take the form of a digital poster presentation on an organisation (2,000 words equivalent).

When you are preparing your poster, bear in mind the following points:

  • Identify and show a clear understanding of the organisation that you have

  • Focus on addressing the task requirement and use relevant material (which is neither too obvious, nor too technical).

  • Make the poster easy for the audience to digest, with a large font (20X where possible), good visual clarity and careful use of

  • Be precise and economical in your use of

    • Main body of analyses and presentation should include application of theory, models, analysis of the business and how it is impacted by environment This section could include:
      • Introduction/Summary of the key aspects and findings
        • Check the poster for spellingUse uncluttered charts and graphs, rather than detailed tables (which will be difficult to read).

          Before submitting the poster:

        • Print it out and invite someone you know to look at it to give you some

        Assessment 2 Task Instructions (2000 words equivalent)

        You are required to choose a UK based company from any industry in which you have an interest and conduct an internal and external environmental analysis of the company over the past five years (2017-2022). The analysis and presentation should seek to link the anticipated future changes to the company under investigation and could be used to stimulate a discussion on the possible options of strategic responses that might be pursued by the company to changes in its industry and overall market.

        The aim is to demonstrate how internal and external factors impact the operations and success of a company by using specific models, theories and examples. Additionally, students are introduced to the idea of secondary research and information gathering, particularly the use of indexes and data sources.

        Your analyses and presentation could include:

    Part A: Internal Environmental Analysis of your chosen company

    Points to consider but not limited to:


    • Mission, Vision, Culture and Values
    • Business Model
    • Organisation Structure (leadership and management structure/Style),
    • Key Businesses, Strategic Business Units (SUBs)
    • Identifying key issues faced, resourcing and any management / operational issues facing the owner/managers of the business (only if they are internal)
    • Strengths and weaknesses

    Part B: Micro-Environmental Analysis (industry or competitive environment) of your chosen company.

    Points to consider but not limited to:

    • Nature/structure of the industry
    • Industry data – key players and statistics
    • Regulation of the industry
    • Market share (value/volume) of chosen company compared to
    • Analyses of competitive environment using Porter’s 5 Forces to show how they impact the: company’s performance in the industry

    company’s competitive strategy (Differentiation, Cost Leadership, Niche (Focus) etc.)