BSS064-6 – Leading and Managing Organisational Resources within Twitter





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BSS064-6 - Leading and Managing Organisational Resources within Twitter

Your Task is to conduct a critical analysis and evaluation of the challenges related to leading and managing organisational
resources within Twitter. This analysis should be based on the information provided in the case study (See Assignment 2
Folder for the Twitter Case Study), along with additional research materials. You will be expected to apply relevant theories,
techniques, and models covered in the unit, focusing on aspects of leadership, governance, change management, financial
and HR performance, processes and productivity.

The findings of your analysis should be presented in a business report format. The word count for the assignment should
fall within the range of 3,600 ± 10%, excluding the executive summary/abstract, references, and relevant appendices. To
support your arguments, it is recommended that you gather additional information from various sources beyond the case
study. You have the freedom to research the issues in a manner that you deem appropriate, utilising diverse sources to
strengthen your analysis.