BSS058-3 : Preparation for the Dissertation





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Impact of reward system on the employee retention of UK retail sector

On completion of this unit, you should be able to:
1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding
Demonstrate a knowledge of alternative research methods and techniques which will enable you to
define research questions, and to understand and assess the theoretical implications and limitations of
chosen research methods
2. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities
Select appropriate areas of academic theory for critical evaluation and review. Develop a research
proposal which defines a precise research question, selects appropriate theoretical concepts to
explore, and potentially identifies empirical data with which to test theoretical models and frameworks


am I required to do in this assignment?
Assessment 1 requires you to produce a literature review of no more than 1,000 words (+10%).
You should identify a topic that you are interested in and one which you may base your dissertation on. As your dissertation must be
relevant to your pathway, you are advised to select a topic which you can develop through this unit and build on in the Dissertation unit.
You should conduct a literature review around your chosen topic identifying key themes, pertinent issues that impact the topic and
construct your literature review around those themes. You will need to demonstrate critical evaluation of the literature reviewed. You will
need to produce conclusions. You will need to use appropriate and recent/current literature. You need to adhere strictly to the Harvard
referencing system.
 You will have to conduct significant literature searches so that you can identify and use suitable academic theory and findings from

which to synthesize your review.
 You should address the following points in your review: definition and explanation of the terms you use.
 Demonstrate your understanding of the issue/s.
 Present relevant findings to date.
 Critically evaluate the literature.
 Draw conclusions from your findings.
Guidelines and Additional Information
 Preparation for this individual assignment requires significant effort in researching the UoB Electronic Library. You may form your
own study group to discuss the topic. However, each student is required to submit an individual report, comprising their own
understanding, review, critical analysis and recommendations regarding the themes researched.
 Your report will be well presented and logically organised.
 Good clear presentation using an appropriate structure demonstrating effort to communicate effectively will result in higher
 Use of the Harvard referencing style for citing references is mandatory. This applies to the reference list as well as in-text citations.
See https://lrweb.beds.ac.uk/a-guide-to-referencing for guidance.
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass the Assessment 1, you will need to:
 Demonstrate an ability to understand a research issue and develop a critical review of relevant academic literature.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
Although your dissertation MUST be based on secondary research, this unit introduces the main methods of inquiry including primary
research (qualitative and quantitative) and secondary research (document/data analyses). You will be introduced to the principles and
practices of undertaking rigorous research for both academic and professional purposes in class. You will develop the skills necessary to help
you to undertake this assignment.