BSP5068: Contemporary Operations Management


Cardiff Metropolitan University


Contemporary Operations Management

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BSP5068: Contemporary Operations Management

This assignment is an individual report of 2400 word +/- 10%.

The aim is to demonstrate how the supply chain OPERATIONS differs for the journey of two products.

This assignment requires you to Compare and analyse the supply chain OPERATIONS of two functional and Innovative products of your choice. In addressing this report, you should consider the scope of your chosen  product’s journey for operations listed below:

  1. Operational risk management and resilience
  2. Contemporary operations management related theories, concepts and models.

Finally, you should support your work by providing in-text as well as a complete list of references following Harvard style. Your report should have at least 15 references from journal articles.

Word count (or equivalent):2,400 +/- 10% words 

This a reflection of the effort required for the assessment. Word counts will normally include any text, tables, calculations, figures, subtitles and citations. Reference lists and contents of appendices are excluded from the word count. Contents of appendices are not usually considered when determining your final assessment grade.

Academic or technical terms explained:

  • Comprehensive design – you should draw a figure for the global supply chain for your product showing upstream and downstream partners, operations and processes including various flows.
  • analyse – consider ‘who, what, when, why and how’ the issue affects the topic.