BS5202 : Entrepreneurship


Kingston university London



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Assessment 3: Individual Report and Reflection

The individual assignment consists of three components described below. Students must structure their work
accordingly and ensure this submission meets fully academic requirements (structure, table of content,
references, appendixes and etc.)
Part 1 – Hackathon (around 500 words)
Hackahon (based on the event taking place in TB2)
Key dates (must attend):
– Wed., 1 st March 2023 and
– Wed., 8 th March 2023
Contribution to a Hackathon: Preparation of the problem to be solved presented by the businesses, participation
in the event and your personal contribution to helping your team to resolve a real life business issue.
Part 2 – Guest speakers (around 700 words)
Reflecting on listening to the guest speakers (minimum 2 guest speakers) and what actions were taken as a
result of that engagement in terms of personal professional development.
Entrepreneurial Events: Reflecting on attending entrepreneurial related events (minimum 1 event) organised
throughout the term and how those impacted on development of the business idea and/or your personal
Part 3 – Reflective Summaries (around 800 words)
The purpose of the Reflective Essay is to critically reflect on students’ active contribution during this module, the
lessons learned and how these new learnings can improve your entrepreneurial mindset and contribute to your
personal development. Students may find helpful to reflect on their experiences, define their personal strengths
and identify areas of personal development in relation to the overall experience on this module.
Students should refer to specific examples of situations they went through during the module, how those
impacted on their personal development and helped them to gain a wider range of skills, e.g. teamworking,
problem solving, communication and entrepreneurship skills.