BS 6205 : Entrepreneurial Opportunities across the world


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International Entrepreneurship in SMEs

Module Code

BS 6205
Entrepreneurial Opportunities across the world

Assignment Task
This is a group assignment.
One of the team members should undertake the additional role of the Assignment Coordinator who will be
responsible for the effective management of the timings and deliverables and the smooth collaboration of the
team. The group has to agree and sign the Group Contract before start working on the assignment.
A group assignment where students will apply their knowledge of internationalisation to identify
entrepreneurial opportunities in one of the two pre-selected markets across three different countries, each
one should be located in a different continent (Europe, Asia, Africa). Sources of information include
practitioner data such as McKinsey Quarterly, Nielsen and Mintel, Statista reports, the Economist, the Financial
Times, Business Weekly and other internet sources and, academic references from academic journals such as
Harvard Business Review, International Business Studies, Management International Review, International
Small Business Journal, Journal of Business Venturing.