Global Environments

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Presentation Brief Component A
Main Information
Component A is a team presentation of 25 minutes (with 5 minutes of questions).
As a group you will be required to create a PowerPoint presentation which will detail the planning
and management issues of a global project.
1. Choose a project you know off or you are interested in provided it is global, whether
completed or in progress, and make sure that you are able to gather the information that is
necessary for your analysis;
2. There are two sets of slides in Blackboard > Learning Material > week 1. These slides give
you directions how to use UWE resources to find a case project.
3. Use the tools as described below in section 3. Content below and participate in the
workshops to practice each tool with your group.
The presentations will take place online on the 27/04/2023 using Blackboard Collaborate. Times
and schedule of group presentations to be posted on Blackboard during the second week of the
The presentation will be live, and all group members will present ONE part of the Assignment for
which they will be individually marked. Not all group members will get the same mark necessarily, it
depends on the quality of their work and presentation in their own part. Group members who do
not participate and contribute to the Assignment will have to re-sit as they will get 0. .
Information about groups will be in section 4. Groups below.
This assessment strategy is employed to produce the type of output required by professional project
management practice that is developed by a typical project team; and to maximize learning
opportunities with added values for students’ development and character building.


INTRODUCTION: introduce your project and your team and each team member’s contribution you
are going to have a slide where you will attach next to each part the name of the team member who
worked at it and who will present it.
ANALYSIS PART 1. Evaluate the challenges regarding such a project using the dimensions model
from Binder
→ Evaluate the impact of environmental factors on this project.
o Collect information about the project environment through industry & professional
reports and company literature or case studies. You do not need to do primary
research and collect information from the organization people.

PLAN PART 2: Recommend the most appropriate method for managing your project using the
Global Project Management Framework from Binder. This part will focus on:

1. a risk assessment based on the Global Project Management Framework
2. explain how you will deal with the issues of: international and intercultural
communications, global team structures, and collaborative relationships with other
organizations in the particular project
3. The team and project manager roles & skillset [competency maps/leadership
framework/Belbin roles]

PLAN PART 3: Construct a Project Plan with objectives, a phase plan and collaboration tools and
collaboration techniques as advised by Binder

*Note: be careful that the type of plan you present is linked to the methodology you
chose. For example, if you select a specific agile methodology your plan should be based
on the type of iterations of this method.